• Take the worry out of Your Vehicle Registration

    Savings plan, rego reminder labels, SMS rego reminders and small loan options.

  • SMS Reminders

    A great way to get a friendly reminder that your rego or drivers licence is due.

  • Rego Reminder Label

    Designed to fit discretely on your windscreen.

  • Client Testimonials

    I first found your company when I was driving to work one day and I was pulled over driving an un-registered vehicle, as I forgot that it was due....


What Our Customers Say

We love hearing what our customers have to say about our products, here are a few of them.

I first found your company when I was driving to work one day and I was pulled over driving an un-registered vehicle, as I forgot that it was due. When I got in to work I told one of my work colleges about the drama and she told me that she had been using you guys for the past 12 months and loves the service and just pays weekly amounts. I have also now signed up, wish I knew of you sooner.


Jasmine Beckman

Wellington Point, QLD

I signed up as a member when I first heard about this awesome company. I am now up to my second 6 month rego payment since joining up and I have to say I'm truly impressed with the ease and convenience of Ready Rego. A small amount being taken out of my account per week has now brought me up to date to pay my rego on time with no headaches. All I need to do is update BPay details and amount due per bill, and Ready Rego will take care of the rest. I just wish it was this simple with my electricity bill!! Would be wonderful to have a token amount come out of my account each week or fortnight without even missing it then all of a sudden when the Bill arrives, I actually have the funds BEST idea ever Ready Rego, Two thumbs up!!


Cheree Parker

Regents Park, QLD

Great idea guys absolutely fantastic, saved me no rego fine on both cars, boat and trailer. I have also got both my kids onto it cause there always forgetting.
The reminders and sticker makes it impossible to forget. Once again thank you very much will recommend to everyone I know.



Acacia Ridge, QLD

I find the savings program very useful, I have used it to pay 2 of my car rego's, I set it up to come out of my bank once a week and when it is due Ready Rego has paid it for me, thank you guys.


Ryan Gibson

Forest Lake, QLD

Great idea as rego has a habit of 'sneaking' up on you. They send you sticker which you fix to the inside of your windscreen near your service sticker and it's a constant reminder. If you add a little each pay then the funds will be there for you to access. Thank you Ready Rego


Fay Morrell

Milton, NSW

Car rego is now so simple! An automatic direct deposit of less than $20 comes out of my pay every fortnight, I never miss it. I used to stress about how I was going to pay my rego every six months, now I have complete piece of mind knowing that it's covered annually. The fact that the money is accumulating somewhere other than my bank account means that I'm not tempted to spend it on anything else, it makes it easy to be financially disciplined. It would be good to be able to do this with all my regular bills.


Katrina Bell

Brassall, QLD

  • Getting old I tend to forget things now a days and having a rego reminder label back in my car again, with the added SMS reminders sent to me before our rego is due has made paying my rego on time so much easier. So glad that someone has brought registration label reminders back. I know others have, but not as professional. Thanks for your ease of service.



    Koonawarra, NSW

    I was driving to work one day and heard about Ready Rego. I wish I knew about it before because I was always only able to do 6 months at a time but now I can do 12 months renewals. I have told all my family and friends about it.


    Mariana Swanepoel

    Bellmere, QLD

    I happened to come across Ready Rego on a Facebook post, I'd never heard of it but Googled it and got on to their site. I joined right then and set it up (easy peasy) to get my van registered. It comes out of my salary every fortnight, I don't miss it and I don't have to worry about and then find the total amount when the dreaded rego renewal comes in the mail. Just put in the details from your rego renewal and it's paid for you. I have tried squirreling it away in a separate account but I'd always be dipping in to it. I would highly recommend this to everyone, especially those on a budget. Very good communication from the team at Ready Rego as well. Just do it.


    Patrice Duvall

    Glenorchy, TAS

    I have to say, paying Rego is a breeze with ready Rego. Best thing is paying a little more gives a buffer if sudden expenses come up and I need to draw down excess funds. Thankyou


    Logan Reserve, QLD

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Ready Rego® agrees:

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Correspondence and Communication

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  • From time to time we may need to vary our Terms and Conditions.

Small Loan Good Customer Payment

  • When you apply for a small loan and are approved with our third party supplier, you will be bound by the T&C’s of that third party supplier. Ready Rego® will be notified by the third party supplier of the small loan at the completion of your small loan contract, once Ready Rego® has been notified that your account with the small loan provider has been finalized in good standing, will credit your "Ready Rego® membership" account with AUD$20.00. This is a one-time payment. You must hold a current Ready Rego® membership to claim this "Small Loan Good Customer Payment", meaning your yearly membership must be up to date and current.

Adding Funds to you Ready Rego® Account

  • Use the Calculator to figure out how much you need to save, then create a plan that suits you. All payments to your Ready Rego® members account will happen via EFT, (electronic funds transfer) from your Bank account that you the member will instigate. We will not charge your Credit Card or Direct Debit any funds from your Bank account for this process.
  • Adding funds to your Ready Rego® account is simple, both the “pay as you go” and “set and forget” programs can have funds added quickly and easily via EFT, (electronic funds transfer)
  • By using the BSB and account number sent to you in the welcome email you will have total control over the amount you save and the frequency of the deposits.

Duty of Disclosure and Responsibilities

  • You have a duty to inform us of all information needed to complete account setup process; this may include but is not limited to the Vehicle Registration Number, Your Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, Postal Address and or any other details required by to provide the Ready Rego® program to you.
  • The customer warrants that the information given to Ready Rego® is correct in every way and that it is not the duty of Ready Rego® to verify the accuracy of the information disclosed by the Customer.
  • It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all contact details and BPay payment details are kept up to date, and current prior to seven (7) business days from any statement due date. If these details are not current or entered into their account prior to seven (7) business days from any statement date, it is not Ready Rego® responsibility if a statement/bill is not paid on time.


  • In the event that you disagree with any part of this arrangement with Ready Rego®, please contact us immediately and we will investigate. Together with the Direct Debt Service Provider we will access your enquiry and act accordingly.
  • All questions and enquiries can be made via this link Contact Billing or by writing to us at, Ready Rego® Pty Ltd, Unit 7/15 Corporate Place, Hillcrest, QLD 4118.

Agreement Default

  • All bank charges and fees resulting from an unpaid transactions & bank withdrawal rejection fees, will be payable by the Customer.
  • In the event of default to a short term loan agreement with our 3rd party service provider, all conditions of your agreement with them will apply. Should Ready Rego® be out of pocket due to expenses in the recovery of this unpaid loan, including but not limited to collection agent fees, court costs and reasonable solicitor’s fees, we will invoice you directly.

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Force Majeure

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  • If there is a delay or failure of Ready Rego® to perform its obligations and is caused or anticipated due to Force Majeure, Ready Rego’s obligations to the Customer will be suspended.

General Information

  • The Customer is not permitted to assign this Agreement without written consent of Ready Rego®. If any provision of this Agreement is found invalid or unenforceable by a court or other decision making authority of competent jurisdiction, that provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible, and the other provisions of this Agreement will remain in force.
  • A single or partial exercise or waiver of a right relating to this Agreement will not prevent any other exercise of that right.
  • Ready Rego® will not be liable for any loss, cost or expense caused or contributed to by the waiver, exercise, attempted exercise, failure to exercise or delay n the exercise of any other right.
  • This agreement embodies the entire understanding and agreement between the parties as to the subject matter of this agreement.


  • The Customer and/or registered owner of the vehicle to which this plan applies acknowledge that he/she has read the term and conditions of its agreement with Ready Rego® and accepts this agreement as a legal and binding contract.
  • The Customer and/or registered owner of the vehicle to which this plan is of legal age and capacity and is willfully entering into this agreement.
  • The owner of the vehicle warrants that the vehicle is properly registered and in compliance with all applicable law of the state it is registered in and is lawfully entitled to be the registered owner of the vehicle whether or not that vehicle is encumbered.

Lodging a Complaint

Ready Rego® is committed to providing our members with the highest standard of customer service. We treat all feedback about our staff and performance as an opportunity to learn more about our "members" needs and to improve our service. Ready Rego® is committed to resolving all member’s complaints quickly and fairly. We encourage you to speak to us about any concerns. Our complaint handling process is designed to ensure that your concerns are treated seriously and that your complaint is addressed promptly and fairly. To make it easy for you to provide us with your feedback we have 4 ways for you to contact us.

Members - Send us a message from your members area.

Call - (07) 3041 1197

Fax - 07 3041 1356

Send a letter - Ready Rego® Pty Ltd - Complaints

Unit 7/15 Corporate Place

Hillcrest, QLD 4118

Receiving complaints from members with impairments

For members with an impairment that presents difficulties in submitting written complaints, Ready Rego® welcomes these members, or their representative, to call (07) 3041 1197 to initiate the complaint investigation process. In these cases Ready Rego® will:

  • Arrange a suitable time with the member to call them back to obtain details of the complaint;
  • Repeat the complaint details back to the member to ensure details are recorded correctly;
  • Seek verbal agreement from the member that the complaint has been understood accurately;
  • Investigate the complaint in accordance with this complaints policy; and
  • Arrange a follow-up phone appointment with the member to advise them of the outcome.

Resolving your Complaint

In many cases a complaint may be resolved at the initial point of contact or within 2 business days. However, in circumstances where your complaint requires further investigation, we will send you written acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint (or will provide verbal confirmation where necessary, as described above).

In order to manage complaints consistently, Ready Rego® will:

  • Treat your complaint confidentially and ensure that you are not treated differently as a result of lodging a complaint;
  • Provide a framework for our employees to work with when handling your complaint;
  • Let you know who is responsible for resolving your complaint;
  • Contact you and respond to your complaint within a mutually agreed timeframe;
  • Let you know if we expect it to take longer than 20 business days to resolve or if our response requires input from our technical committee(s); and
  • Keep you informed of the progress of your complaint and of the Standards Australia internal escalation process.


Our commitment to our members is genuine. Should you not be satisfied with the handling of your complaint please outline your concerns and comments and request your point of contact to escalate the issue to the next level within Ready Rego®.

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